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Atlas oblak?

Atlas oblakov z veukým mno 3/4 stvom fotografií. Obsahuje hlavne popis oblakov ich zlo 3/4 enie, výskyt a vplyv na po?asie. Vhodná nielen pre pilotov, leteckých ?portovcov ale aj v?etkým záujemcom o krásne útvary, ktorými oblaky ur?ite sú. Rozsah 122 strán.

Cena: 469.- Sk

Atlas po?asia

Nakladateustvo Sv?t k?ídel ponúka ucelenú radu kníh s meteorologickou tématikou, ako pre ?irokú verejnos>>, tak aj pre pilotov a pracovníkov v leteckých oboroch. Atlas po?asia zoznamuje ?itateua populárno výukovou formou so zaujímavos>>ami po?asia.

Cena: 479.- Sk

Gradient - Aspen 4

With the new Aspen4 Gradient sets new standards in the development of high end intermediate paragliders. The result is well balanced glider which offers unique performance and meets EN-C homologation standards in the same time. Gradient’s innovative DDsystem is at the heart of the wing, allowing us to push performance and speed in the Aspen4 to the very limit of its class. The Aspen4 has a unique low bank when turning which allows pilots to fly in amazingly tight 360s when thermalling, and always offers the maximum wing area to the thermal for the most efficient climb. The DDsystem means limits can be pushed without extending the glider’s aspect ratio. For Aspen4 pilots this means safe and predictable flight characteristics in turbulent air, low risk of cravats and typical Gradient handling.

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - Avax XC 3

Avax XC3: With its clean lines and high performance the XC3 has been designed for advanced pilots who want to fly distance. The three-line glider makes no compromises when it comes to flying cross country. Stabilisers on the leading edge and an innovative internal structure spread the wingloading perfectly across the glider. Gradient‘s variable-sized cell openings optimise the pressure in the wing at all angles, while the glider’s special S-curved profile stabilises it at high speeds. Materials have been carefully selected to create a finely tuned glider that responds and fits perfectly to any situation, meaning the XC3 delivers in every way. The glider offers precise brake pressure, agile handling, responsive and intuitive feedback through the risers, brakes and harness, and sensitivity on the speed bar. In short, the XC3 is your guarantee of adventure in cross country flying. Your wing counts – make it an XC3.

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - BiGolden 2

The concept behind the new BiGolden2 tandem glider from Gradient is the same as the concept that drives our development team: focus on the essentials and use elegant solutions to design a glider that delivers. No fuss, no nonsense. Easy take off characteristics, quick launching and dynamic flaring make the BiGolden2 unique among tandem gliders. At home in the air, the wing’s agile profile combined with comfortable steering and easy brake pressure means the glider loves thermals and reacts precisely. The dynamics of the wing are so exact that thermalling is a pure joy, even after hours of flying. As well as great aerodynamics, the glider has a special line set-up that spreads the load across the wing in a new way. The result of these improvements is that the BiGolden2 is probably the best handling tandem paraglider on the market today. Brother to the BiGolden2 is the BiGolden XC, a specially built glider for tandem pilots who want to pursue big distances and set new records. The glider comes fitted with a competition line set-up, while the efficient trimmer system has been developed directly from Gradient’s Open Class competition gliders. The BiGolden XC’s unique profile gives pilots direct feedback from the smallest of air movements, allowing extra sensitivity when thermalling and full control in any situation. Test fly a glider from the new Gradient tandem range and let us show you that Gradient has the edge.

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - BiGolden 3

Gradient development team had very uphill struggle target. The goal was to improve most successful Gradient tandem BiGolden2. Well, mission completed! Gradient team is proud to introduce a new tandem glider BiGolden3. Lighter, faster, more compact, with better handling and more performance. Canopy is designed from well proven combination of different materials – all premium quality. Porcher Skytex Everlast – double coated tissue is used for high stabiliy and durability of BiGolden3 canopy. Reinforcements are made with special shaped nylon rods. Lines drag is also significantly reduced. A new trimm system is improving easy operating and performance of BiGolden3 on wide range of speed. Weight of the glider is just 7,3kg (size 42) what is also considerably influencing flight characteristics. BiGolden3 – easy take off, quick launching, perfect turning and legendary Gradient handling. No matter if flying conditions are ideal or not. With BiGolden3 you will share the pleasure of flying with every passenger onboard.

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - Bright 5

Bright5 – fifth generation of the best beginners choice and choice of pilots who are looking for fun. We believe every pilot of Bright5 will be very happy with this new glider in terms of its flight characteristics, exceptional safety and really nice handling. Enjoyment was a must for us while developing the glider and we are sure this attribute was also fulfilled. If you are occasionally flying pilot, maximum safety is the most important for you or you just want easy flying wing with incredible fun element, Bright5 is exactly for you. All these characteristics and also very good performance in its class are challenge for cross country flying. If you are operating paragliding school and you want to provide the best services and courses for newcomers, with Bright5 you will definitely not be disappointed. Bright5 is the best school glider Gradient ever built. Bright5 is offered also as multipurpose freeflying / paramotor paraglider. For this Gradient offers special multipurpose risers equipped with trimmers and different attachment points.

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - Concertina

Concertina bag – najlepsza ochrona Twojej paralotni.

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Gradient - Freestyle 2

Gradient’s new Freestyle2 is your wing for everything paragliding is today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching into a strong wind, if you’re working on acro manoeuvres and transitions, or if you just love dropping its sharp-shaped winglet into the centre of a cracking thermal. With the Freestyle2 you’ll find your personal playground in the air, anywhere on the planet. It might just change your life as you jack in that fulltime job and head off to find the best place to perfect your skills, training as often as you can. The Freestyle2 hones your intuition into the perfect line in the sky, the perfect climb and the perfect, stylish acro run. At the same time the Freestyle2 will keep you busy. With its sensitive feedback it will clearly show off your skill level, while offering you room to perfect those skills. Training with the Freestyle2 will help take your flying to the next level – and will help you move on up to a dedicated Acro wing.

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - Golden 4

Nowy Golden4 to najnowsze osiagni?cie teamu Gradient. Skrzyd?o jest oczywiście kolejnym w serii najpopularniejszego modelu – Goldena. Rezultat zachowuje wysoką klas? poprzedników. Powsta? projekt o doskona?ej aerodynamice, z nieporównanie szerokim wachlarzem zastosowa?. Jest to paralotnia mająca potencja? pozwalający zaspokoi? oczekiwania wszystkich pilotów. Zwrotnoś?, nośnoś?, osiągi i pr?dkoś? Goldena 4 są poparte du?ym stopniem bezpiecze?stwa pasywnego. Typowe dla Gradienta czu?e sterowanie z bezpośrednią informacją zwrotną oznacza, ?e zrelaksowani piloci szybko osiągają pe?ne panowanie nad glajtem. Sprawia to, ?e Golden 4 jest niezawodnym partnerem. Pilota? staje si? intuicyjny, pozwalając pilotowi skoncentrowa? si? na taktyce lotu.

Wi?cej informacji: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - Montana 2011

Gradients lightweight construction changed paragliding. A worldwide trend of weight reduction in wing design has been set off. Now Gradient comes up to set new standards: the MONTANA. A wing that reconciles what never seemed to be reconcilable: the weight of a mountain-glider with durability, the handling of a freestyle-wing with safety, the performance of a XC-glider with agility. The MONTANAs conception follows Gradients philosophy: the balanced reduction to the essential. Ideas keep this design alive- the reason why it can be so pure. Perfection is a question of detail: for the MONTANA, just materials of highest quality have been selected. Only after testing all components on stability and reliability they are used in the company’s own production. Permanent control of quality by the Gradient-Team can be guaranteed. The MONTANA follows precisely to the pilot’s stearing activities and gives him a sensitive feedback from airmasses. Piloting is tacit agreement in an integrated whole. The MONTANA follows like a heartbeat. The versatility of the MONTANA makes this wing the choice of all kinds of pilots. The design of the low-weight harness X-LITE is perfectly coordinated with the MONTANA- a wing, which is already supposed to be stateof-the-art. (Tests: Gleitschirm Nr. 11/12 08 and Nr.10 08 / Parapente Mag Nr.120 / Vol Libre Nr.389).

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - Nevada

Nevada to najnowsze skrzyd?o firmy Gradient w klasie EN B. W ofercie Gradienta zajmuje miejsce mi?dzy Goldenem 4 a Aspenem 5. Paralotnia ta by?a tworzona od podstaw. Uda?o nam si? zawrze? w niej zarówno owoce burzliwego rozwoju konstrukcji paralotniowych w ostatnich latach, jak i zastosowa? najnowsze osiągni?cia materia?owe. Nevada wnosi do klasy B ogromną popraw? osiągów, a jednocześnie zachowuje komfort sterowania, dynamik?, handling i bezpiecze?stwo charakterystyczne dla paralotni firmy Gradient. Dobrze sprawdzony system DD pozwalaa na zredukowanie oporów do minimum, podczas gdy trzy i pó? rz?dy linek gwarantują wysoki poziom bezpiecze?stwa pasywnego. Doskona?e osiągi, precyzyjny handling, przewidywalne zachowanie i stabilny lot na speedzie czynią Nevad? bardzo atrakcyjną propozycją dla szerokiej grupy pilotów przelotowych. Nevada zosta?a skonstruowana jako glajt klasy EN-B, od początku by?a jednak przewidziana dla doświadczonych pilotów, znających zasady aktywnego sterowania

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Gradient - Nevada light

Gradient's new intermediate Nevada (EN B) is available as a light version. With a special combination of carefully selected materials the glider weight could be reduced by 1 kg down to 4700 grams (size 28). The Nevada light will be available in size 22, 24, 26 and 28. Another advantage of the glider is the packing volume, which could be reduced essentially. With the new Nevada light Gradient offers a wing for pilots who don't compromise in EN B performance, speed and climb, but additionally need lowest packing volume and lowest possible glider weight. This combination makes the Nevada light a wing for hikers, mountaineers and travellers who'd like to top their adventures with thermaling and XC flying.

More info: GRADIENT.CX

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Gradient - plecak

W ostatnim czasie firma Gradient wypuści?a na rynek nowy plecak – Rucsack oraz o pokrowciec na glajta – Concertina, które w po?ączeniu ze sobą mogą stanowi? ciekawe rozwiązanie dla pilotów, pragnących bezpiecznie transportowa? swój sprz?t paralotniowy.

W nowym plecaku zastosowano wygodny system szelek oraz wzmocniono szwy. Dodatkowo dzi?ki wewn?trznym kieszeniom oraz paskom zaciskowym spakowanie skrzyd?a, uprz??y oraz dodatkowego sprz?tu nie sprawia wi?kszych problemów i zajmuje tylko kilka minut. Plecak dost?pny jest w rozmiarach L (135 litrów) oraz XL (160 litrów).

Ciekawym dodatkiem do plecaka mo?e by? pokrowiec Concertina, który wyposa?ono w paski zaciskowe, suwak na ca?ej d?ugości oraz okienko z siatki u?atwiające dop?yw powietrza. Dla lepszej ochrony we wn?trzu pokrowca zastosowano cienką warstwą specjalnej pianki, która ma chroni? skrzyd?o przed uszkodzeniem.

Korzystając z obu produktów jednocześnie mo?emy bezpiecznie transportowa? swój sprz?t zarówno na krótkich jak i d?ugich trasach.

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Gradient - Seven 2

coming soon…

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Karpo Fly - Reflex

REFLEX jest uprz??ą rekreacyjną, przeznaczoną zarówno dla początkujących, jak i doświadczonych pilotów, którzy cenią sobie wysoki poziom bezpiecze?stwa. Aerodynamiczny kszta?t, ciekawy design, niedu?a waga, wysoki komfort w locie oraz wysoki poziom bezpiecze?stwa sprawiają, ?e REFLEX jest bardzo atrakcyjną uprz??ą.

Nowy model 2013 zosta? lekko zmodyfikowany. Przede wszystkim ma d?uzszy protektor oraz ulepszony kontener na zapas, który zapobiega przesuwaniu sie zapasu w uprz??y oraz umo?liwia jeszcze ?atwiejsze wyrzucenie zapasu w razie potrzeby.

Waga uprz??y w rozmiarze M (z protektorem, karabinkami, belką speed-system): 3,8 kg. Uprzą? posiada certyfikat: EN 1651

Zalety uprz??y:

wysoki komfort w locie niewielka waga 4 wysokiej jakości metalowe rolki u?atwiające u?ywanie speed-systemu protektor piankowy 17 cm ?atwy i szybki dost?p do systemu ratunkowego w razie potrzeby oraz specjalne zabezpieczenie uniemo?liwiające przesuwanie si? zapasu w uprz??y system zapi?? GET-UP ultralekka deska (w rozmiarze M – wa?y jedyne 234 g, L – 261 g) prosta i ?atwa regulacja uprz??y pojemne miejsce na baga?

Dost?pne rozmiary:

M – na wzrost 159–179 cm L – na wzrost 180–200 cm

Standardowe wyposa?enie:

protektor 17 ultra-lekkie karabinki firmy FINSTERWALDER (154 g -para) belka speed-system Dodatkowe wyposa?enie:

podnó?ek kokon pulpit na przyrządy

Cena: 1.780 zl. brutto

Letecká meteorlogie

Odborná publikácia pre pilotov, za?ínajúc kvalifikáciou pilota ultrauahkých lietadiel cez pilotov kluzákov a 3/4 po ATPL a riadiaceho letovej prevádzky

Cena: 369.- Sk

Paragliding manuál

Veuká u?ebnica paraglidingového lietania pre ?koly paraglidingu, rekrea?né, ?portové lietanie, ale aj pre budúcich záujemcov o lietanie. Rozsah 500 strán.

Cena: 535.- Sk


U?ebnica o termike aj o ostatných prírodných javoch , ktoré vyu 3/4 íva termické lietanie. Rozsah 225 strán.

Cena: 319.- Sk

U?ebnica pilota

U?ebnica pre 3/4 iakov a pilotov lietadiel a ?portových lietajúcich zariaddení. Zostavená na základe skú?obnej osnovy JAR-FCL 1.

Cena: 569.- Sk

ABC paragliding
tel. +48 69 67 53 74, e-mail: biuro@abcparagliding.sk